Friday, August 6, 2010


Walaweh! I started my DMU course back at my previous college for almost 2 months now. Wow, it's really giving me a hard time. I cannot believe how hectic my life would be. 24/7 have to think about my next assignment or assesment and everything involved with DMU. Hahahaha... here I am complaining in my own blog..owh, I really2 apologize for not having the time to update this blog..!!Very, super busy at the moment. Even now, I am writing this post in my college. Waiting for my MCD to come..I'm damn hungry right now.

Started scanning real patients since last 2 weeks, and its been awesome.However, some of the patients I scanned was damn difficult to see the organs. We call patients like this as unsonogenic patients..hahahaha....=P.
This is really interesting to me. But I think I have to practice more on the techniques of scanning. I'm getting worse....,I think..hehehehe...
Oh well , we'll see how this goes..have to keep up & bear this one year of hell...hohohoho...=)


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