Friday, August 6, 2010


Walaweh! I started my DMU course back at my previous college for almost 2 months now. Wow, it's really giving me a hard time. I cannot believe how hectic my life would be. 24/7 have to think about my next assignment or assesment and everything involved with DMU. Hahahaha... here I am complaining in my own blog..owh, I really2 apologize for not having the time to update this blog..!!Very, super busy at the moment. Even now, I am writing this post in my college. Waiting for my MCD to come..I'm damn hungry right now.

Started scanning real patients since last 2 weeks, and its been awesome.However, some of the patients I scanned was damn difficult to see the organs. We call patients like this as unsonogenic patients..hahahaha....=P.
This is really interesting to me. But I think I have to practice more on the techniques of scanning. I'm getting worse....,I think..hehehehe...
Oh well , we'll see how this goes..have to keep up & bear this one year of hell...hohohoho...=)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff I did Lately..

I've been in KK for two weeks now..always out so I don't really have the time to update my blog..(LordmiGosh!! don't tell me it's gonna be the same with my other blog..=( Let's not hope so...;p) Okay, so yesterday we went to city mall to meet up with some people but it didn't happen so we just walk around the mall lookin for some stuff.

Then my sis Lulu wants to find her so called set of jeweleries for the wedding she's gonna attend in June. The truth is, she had been searching for this for quite some time already, although the wedding will only happen in June..hahahahhaaa...then we walked into this Korean Jewelery shop.

There were many types & shapes of any jewelery girls would die to have. I admit, I was like a kid going into a candy shop..(imagine me in a cute pink whitish harujuku girl dress, running around excitedly..LOL=.,=') I was like 'look at this, it's pretty..' then 'OMG,this one is cute, and this one..!!@_@ <-- reli2 rambang mata dee..hahahaha...

Then we went to this one corner in the shop with all the necklaces that looks goldish and silvery in color. The owner of the shop (I guess he is coz he is the only one there....~.~') approached us for assistance ( Then my sis saw a starfish pendant in gold which is the one shape she's lookin for all along & immediately asked the guy (in malay) if they have something like that in silver instead.

Here comes the funny part. The guy, hearing the word silver, he replied to my sis in English with a really thick Korean English, and the three of us were like trying to listen carefully what he was trying to say, that all of us bend over towards him to catch every single word he's trying to say (AWKWARD!!!!!0.o'). I can't really recall what he was saying but I know what he's trying to explain to us.

After that, we were like ' okay, yup...ok thanks..smiles ^_^''' then we moved on to other section. I was actually curious about other stuff, but because i don't wanna end up in awkwardness the second time, all of us were like just kept it to ourselves...<-- so bad jugak la...ahahahaha....

But then my other sis ended up buying an anklet's nice also..hehehehehheeee....^^ <-- i'm jealous actually...ohohohohohoho....=p

Thursday, April 29, 2010

OMG!!Lame pick-up lines..XD

Miahahhahahaaa...I cannot tahan but laugh..sumtyms i might feel like puking, and most of the time, i get freaky goosebumps..

Actually I have an accnt in Tagged which i canceled a couple of days ago because of certain reasons...From what i know, tagged is from The US like Twitter, i'm not sure..but I can see that it is dominated by Malaysians..More surprising is that most of my frenz there were malay guys with their worst pick-up lines...common guys, giv me some new, cool, cute pick-up lines that i might actually respond to..-sigh~ =.,=''

A few were good, with good intentions of becoming networking friends and stuff, but others would like to see me face to face n stuff 'yg sewaktu dengan nya'..too bad (for them, lucky for me) I was brought up with the most important skill for everyone which is ---> DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS what more goin out wit =p..

SO, few examples of their lines :

"Hi, awak kat KJ area mane ek..?"

"Hi, thx for approve..this is my num 016..bla..bla..bla.. call me.."

"Hye, awak ade MSN tak..?add saye boleh..kite chat.."

and many more...hahhaaa...there were worst, but lets keep it simple & low profile..Even funnier, they send me tags and comments with unnecessary pics and words inside which took up most of the commentz space for ma profile page..oh well, that i don't reli care much..hrrmmm...=/ but seriously, wanna catch a girl's attention..??be polite, be gentle (as in gentlemen), don't rush her..keep it cool and take it step at a time (mcm lagu plak suda neh!!>.<)..

So, guys out there, take my advice above..surely, the girl of ur dream will be in ur hands (not literally yah!!)..amen..=)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its almost over..the time of happiness(not all the time..=p)...hahahaha...but my long holiday is coming to an end in one month time..-sigh~

Some people or rather friends wondered why I took the freakin' long 7 months of holiday when I can just finish up by this November 2010..I was also kinda lost that time..When I entered DMU for a trial period (which was only given to me), I was shocked by the stress and the way they handle students as if we know what to do form the start. The assignments were very heavy for noobs like me. I have to salute my other friends for surviving that (& not forgetting the 'senpais'). Happy for you guys..I admit that i am not that strong that time. I was the youngest in my class, and the subjects were damn hard for me. I was not ready I guess, mentally and physically..wahahahahaa..

I get a lot of advices & tips from previous students & tutors, which is also our 'senpai' saying that the moment you enter this course, you have to give your full commitment for 1 year, which is the total length of the course. For me, I am going to be there for 8 long years as soon as i completed my studies..Don't you think that's a long time..??Yeah, I do feel that, I was really really lost that time, my brain was still packed with so many stuff that if I were to join that intake, I think i'm gonna go 'cuckoo...cuckoo...@__@'!!

So in the end, I decided to follow Jesus..hahaha..kiddin, i meant to follow my own way..But i will be back there, fully prepared and stronger than I used to be..praise the Lord, hallelujah!! When I think again about it, I'm kinda confused..coz at times I feel really excited to start my studies again, but sometimes, the feeling of sad, or discouraged will take over my head, then I will feel scared, or lazy to go back and finish what I am suppose to finish six months ago..=(

Why izzit so complicated for me...huaaaa...T.T common Jojo, think positive!!!Hwaiting...aza-aza..!! <-- I dun think its working for me..-sigh~ I miss all my college friends, whom now have become my close friends..warghhh...miss the gud ol'days..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out of Dissapointment...

First of all, the title of my post itself should give the idea to all of u..Yes, I am really really, extremely disappointed with certain people. Not only because we are the same as human, but also as citizens of the same state..In other words, my own people.
You must be wondering what the hell am I talking about..??yeap, so this is the full story in details..hahaha..

Now, the Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2010 were crowned few days ago. The winner is Miss
Jassinta Mirasol from Tawau which is also included in the state of Sabah (like duh..!!=.,=')..But thats the main point! Some people are not satisfied with the result of this peagent. I don't understand why they should say bad things about her, when in the end, she's the one whose gonna represent Sabah in Miss Malaysia World 2010..It's out of the question to blame her for winning..It's what I call pure jealousy or immature or just plain stupid..

Tell all of you the truth, this peagent, Miss World is a prestigious competition where by it includes the whole wide world in the journey to crown the Miss World to represent the world in many many things mainly charitable activities and being a role model for everyone.So, I believe that the judging system should not be bias at all..Reality check, the 'Unduk Ngadau' competition in Sabah that has been going on for years are always, I repeat ALWAYS, or most of the time uses a judging system which pictures the word 'Insider' or rather 'Orang Dalam'. So in other words, to win the Unduk Ngadau Peagent in Sabah, you have to have someone from inside the committee in order to guarantee your victory (i wrote based on many experiences and being one of the concern Sabahan)..Like, its better if the other girls who does not have any insider to not compete with those who have insider right...??!!So plain Stupid!!What is the point of the competion then..?Rather then having the competition, why don't they just pick out the winner..??-sigh~..

So this is what happened in the case of Miss Sabah 2010. Some people mainly from the ... committee, are not really satisfied with the end result of the peagent. I wanna stress here that Unduk Ngadau & Miss Sabah Malaysia World is totally a different level of competition. Like I mentioned earlier, Miss Sabah Malaysia World is a prestigious beauty peagent. Not just some Bias Unduk Ngadau Competition that requires the winner to serve the people of Sabah ONLY!!
Miss Sabah has to represent SABAH to Miss Malaysia World. That is why, the three aspects of the competition is IMPORTANT!! I love to repeat it again, IMPORTANT!!

As you all know, the three main aspects that a Miss Sabah should posses are BEAUTY, BRAIN, & PERSONALITY.. Not only Beuaty alone. If the Beauty has no brain, she is known as a BLONDE..!! & without personality, she is no one..How do you expect Miss Sabah to win if the brain is not there and the personality is empty? The 'SOME' people who are not satisfied with the result wanted their favorite to win and represent Sabah..But, if you were there the night of the final, Miss Jassinta delivered the most convincing, confident and intelligent answer during the public speaking session. Only people who are intelligent enough will understand this (& thats why the honorable judges & committees wisely decided). Those who are only looking for beauty is hopeless..Sorry to say, but that is reality peeps..!!Beauty fades away, but brain & personality...stay.

Furthermore, i feel sorry for the other contestants. They are not strong enough in the other two aspects, or maybe one.. Their confidence level were totally in a different league with the winner that night. All of them, i admit is beautiful physically..That is why they were selected as the finalists in the first place. But as they went along with the activities, the committees will watch them carefully and judge their personality..Then at the finals, the judges will judge the brain of all the contestants..Afterwards, they will combine the marks, and there, u have the winner..That is how they do it. Fair & square..!So don't blame the committees or the winner for the unsatisfying result you get!Very immature..If you are 7 years old, its okay..but even a 7 years old kid can tell who deserves to win the competition..

One more thing, if u look back at all the candidates for Miss World, or rather Miss Malaysia, all of them have a standard body frame. I can see that Miss Jassinta qualified the standards for body frame.So we Sabahan should be thankful that Sabah is not represented by some small built body frame, which will 'kena pijak2 jak' when competing with the other candidates who have bigger body frames..The small built will be very hard to get noticed by the me, I know through>.<>

In addition here, English!! I would want to stress on that more..Its vital that our representatives have good skills and are fluent in English..Seriously, not only for the intro and answering questions, but also to communicate with other contestants for Miss Malaysia World. This is actually for the benefits of Miss Sabah herself. Through experience & knowledge, during the Miss Malaysia World competition, all the other contestants will surely converse in English.Not Malay or Chinese that often. Even when communicating with the committees as well. So, if Miss Sabah were to be represented by some poor English skill girls, I bet, she will never blend in the Miss Malaysia society well. She will be left out and there goes the marks for personality..bye2 crown!!We don't want that to happen rite...??We want our Miss Sabah to win the competition & at the same time make us proud..Whose with me, say woot..woot..!!hahhahaa....XD

So, as my conclusion, I am really2 disappointed with that 'SOME' people..We want to see new, fresh, beautiful faces representing our beloved Sabah to not only Miss World, but other beauty peagents as well. If the same frame, and same look all the time, people will get bored..!!So, just accept the reality that Miss Jassinta Mirasol, as Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2010 deserves the crown and title plus we should believe in her that she WILL & MUST make us Sabahan proud..!!
Last but not least, all that i wrote here is merely my thoughts, and are based on experience. No hard feelings, just open your eyes and step into the real world..GET REAL, BE REAL!!

ps1: I've never joined any beauty peagents, but all the experience are through close friends and family..8D

ps2: Who ever the winner was that night, I would support to the end, BUT only if it is not based on a bias judgement..

ps3: Owh, Gud Luck & All the Best for Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2010, hwaiting unnie...^.^

xbox: <--hahaha (plis comment & let me know what u think about this, no harsh comments plis coz it will lead to bad results and arguing..not good for our liver..hahahaha...=p)

Thank you & best regards from the -♥PurpleWarrior♥-

Starting a Blog Page Again..LoL=p

Finally I get the guts (wth..??!!=p) to start up a blog again..Not that somethin bad happen wit ma first blog, juz din get to update it much..So hopefully this one will be updated as often as possible, hehehehee...
I juz luv the idea of blogging. U can juz write whatever & whenever u wanted to just about almost everything that's happening around's really like a diary or journal, except tat u can share ur blog page wit frenz n other people..Luv whoever founded this concept..Muahhxx..>.<
Now lets start discussing bout me a bit..(its ma blog after all, ryt..??XD)
Well, i'm Purple Warrior (lame..=.,=''!!), 20 coming to 21 this 5th of May, still a student & currently taking ma loooooonnnnggggg break from ma studies..I dunno why, but I juz have to get myself back on track..I was lost for a while, I admit it..hahhaa..Nway, my interests (which is also my hobbies, i believe..~) are singing, dancing, laughing, joking and most of the tym juz being myself & chillin out wit frenz & family..
Owh, I love writing my own songs even though some of the songs are a big failure to me..if I think the song is good, then I will post it in YouTube..if u ever come across any of my vids, singing, immediately, i repeat, immediately navigate away from the page..hahaha..kiddin..XD..
I guess, that is all about me for now..If i'm gonna tell all about myself, it will take a year to finally finish reading,better stop here..hehehehee...>.<
Lastly, I really really hope that i will be able to update this blog as often as possible..(yeah, not lyk the other one, the one u juz dump..wahahhaa...=.=')
That is all...miahahahhaaa...

p/s: I LOVE BLOGGING!! lets put this in my list of hobbies...=)