Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting a Blog Page Again..LoL=p

Finally I get the guts (wth..??!!=p) to start up a blog again..Not that somethin bad happen wit ma first blog, juz din get to update it much..So hopefully this one will be updated as often as possible, hehehehee...
I juz luv the idea of blogging. U can juz write whatever & whenever u wanted to just about almost everything that's happening around you..it's really like a diary or journal, except tat u can share ur blog page wit frenz n other people..Luv whoever founded this concept..Muahhxx..>.<
Now lets start discussing bout me a bit..(its ma blog after all, ryt..??XD)
Well, i'm Purple Warrior (lame..=.,=''!!), 20 coming to 21 this 5th of May, still a student & currently taking ma loooooonnnnggggg break from ma studies..I dunno why, but I juz have to get myself back on track..I was lost for a while, I admit it..hahhaa..Nway, my interests (which is also my hobbies, i believe..~) are singing, dancing, laughing, joking and most of the tym juz being myself & chillin out wit frenz & family..
Owh, I love writing my own songs even though some of the songs are a big failure to me..if I think the song is good, then I will post it in YouTube..if u ever come across any of my vids, singing, immediately, i repeat, immediately navigate away from the page..hahaha..kiddin..XD..
I guess, that is all about me for now..If i'm gonna tell all about myself, it will take a year to finally finish reading it..so...,better stop here..hehehehee...>.<
Lastly, I really really hope that i will be able to update this blog as often as possible..(yeah, not lyk the other one, the one u juz dump..wahahhaa...=.=')
That is all...miahahahhaaa...

p/s: I LOVE BLOGGING!! lets put this in my list of hobbies...=)


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