Thursday, April 29, 2010

OMG!!Lame pick-up lines..XD

Miahahhahahaaa...I cannot tahan but laugh..sumtyms i might feel like puking, and most of the time, i get freaky goosebumps..

Actually I have an accnt in Tagged which i canceled a couple of days ago because of certain reasons...From what i know, tagged is from The US like Twitter, i'm not sure..but I can see that it is dominated by Malaysians..More surprising is that most of my frenz there were malay guys with their worst pick-up lines...common guys, giv me some new, cool, cute pick-up lines that i might actually respond to..-sigh~ =.,=''

A few were good, with good intentions of becoming networking friends and stuff, but others would like to see me face to face n stuff 'yg sewaktu dengan nya'..too bad (for them, lucky for me) I was brought up with the most important skill for everyone which is ---> DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS what more goin out wit =p..

SO, few examples of their lines :

"Hi, awak kat KJ area mane ek..?"

"Hi, thx for approve..this is my num 016..bla..bla..bla.. call me.."

"Hye, awak ade MSN tak..?add saye boleh..kite chat.."

and many more...hahhaaa...there were worst, but lets keep it simple & low profile..Even funnier, they send me tags and comments with unnecessary pics and words inside which took up most of the commentz space for ma profile page..oh well, that i don't reli care much..hrrmmm...=/ but seriously, wanna catch a girl's attention..??be polite, be gentle (as in gentlemen), don't rush her..keep it cool and take it step at a time (mcm lagu plak suda neh!!>.<)..

So, guys out there, take my advice above..surely, the girl of ur dream will be in ur hands (not literally yah!!)..amen..=)



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