Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff I did Lately..

I've been in KK for two weeks now..always out so I don't really have the time to update my blog..(LordmiGosh!! don't tell me it's gonna be the same with my other blog..=( Let's not hope so...;p) Okay, so yesterday we went to city mall to meet up with some people but it didn't happen so we just walk around the mall lookin for some stuff.

Then my sis Lulu wants to find her so called set of jeweleries for the wedding she's gonna attend in June. The truth is, she had been searching for this for quite some time already, although the wedding will only happen in June..hahahahhaaa...then we walked into this Korean Jewelery shop.

There were many types & shapes of any jewelery girls would die to have. I admit, I was like a kid going into a candy shop..(imagine me in a cute pink whitish harujuku girl dress, running around excitedly..LOL=.,=') I was like 'look at this, it's pretty..' then 'OMG,this one is cute, and this one..!!@_@ <-- reli2 rambang mata dee..hahahaha...

Then we went to this one corner in the shop with all the necklaces that looks goldish and silvery in color. The owner of the shop (I guess he is coz he is the only one there....~.~') approached us for assistance ( Then my sis saw a starfish pendant in gold which is the one shape she's lookin for all along & immediately asked the guy (in malay) if they have something like that in silver instead.

Here comes the funny part. The guy, hearing the word silver, he replied to my sis in English with a really thick Korean English, and the three of us were like trying to listen carefully what he was trying to say, that all of us bend over towards him to catch every single word he's trying to say (AWKWARD!!!!!0.o'). I can't really recall what he was saying but I know what he's trying to explain to us.

After that, we were like ' okay, yup...ok thanks..smiles ^_^''' then we moved on to other section. I was actually curious about other stuff, but because i don't wanna end up in awkwardness the second time, all of us were like just kept it to ourselves...<-- so bad jugak la...ahahahaha....

But then my other sis ended up buying an anklet's nice also..hehehehehheeee....^^ <-- i'm jealous actually...ohohohohohoho....=p


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