Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Month Away...Excited or ..Discouraged??

Its almost over..the time of happiness(not all the time..=p)...hahahaha...but my long holiday is coming to an end in one month time..-sigh~

Some people or rather friends wondered why I took the freakin' long 7 months of holiday when I can just finish up by this November 2010..I was also kinda lost that time..When I entered DMU for a trial period (which was only given to me), I was shocked by the stress and the way they handle students as if we know what to do form the start. The assignments were very heavy for noobs like me. I have to salute my other friends for surviving that (& not forgetting the 'senpais'). Happy for you guys..I admit that i am not that strong that time. I was the youngest in my class, and the subjects were damn hard for me. I was not ready I guess, mentally and physically..wahahahahaa..

I get a lot of advices & tips from previous students & tutors, which is also our 'senpai' saying that the moment you enter this course, you have to give your full commitment for 1 year, which is the total length of the course. For me, I am going to be there for 8 long years as soon as i completed my studies..Don't you think that's a long time..??Yeah, I do feel that, I was really really lost that time, my brain was still packed with so many stuff that if I were to join that intake, I think i'm gonna go 'cuckoo...cuckoo...@__@'!!

So in the end, I decided to follow Jesus..hahaha..kiddin, i meant to follow my own way..But i will be back there, fully prepared and stronger than I used to be..praise the Lord, hallelujah!! When I think again about it, I'm kinda confused..coz at times I feel really excited to start my studies again, but sometimes, the feeling of sad, or discouraged will take over my head, then I will feel scared, or lazy to go back and finish what I am suppose to finish six months ago..=(

Why izzit so complicated for me...huaaaa...T.T common Jojo, think positive!!!Hwaiting...aza-aza..!! <-- I dun think its working for me..-sigh~ I miss all my college friends, whom now have become my close friends..warghhh...miss the gud ol'days..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


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